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Lisa Hannah: About

Lisa grew up in a small Tennessee town, just outside
of Nashville. She was first exposed to country music
at a young age, but her musical interests quickly
expanded to other genres,such as hard rock, pop
rock, alternative, progressive, and new wave.
“My mother was a rocker! You would never know
it by looking at her, as she was a mild mannered,
sweet southern lady. She love-love-loved The
Beatles, The Doors, Aerosmith, Nirvana, and Pearl
Jam. We would go to concerts together and run
over each other trying to touch Eddie Vedder!”

Lisa sang in church choirs and college musicals,
and eventually she started fronting cover bands.
She had always been writing songs, but she
didn’t take it seriously. Having a successful
career in medical sales, she moved to New
Jersey (Wayne, outside of NYC) to pursue a
corporate position in marketing. But soon, Lisa
longed to be back home. “While I loved the
music scene and excitement of Manhattan, I
missed the beauty of Tennessee and the music
community in Nashville.” Lisa moved back to
Nashville after a year-long stint in New Jersey.

Lisa was an only child and had a very close
relationship with her mother Donna. “We were
like two children growing up together, since we
were closer in age than the typical mother-
daughter scenario.” It was shortly after Lisa
moved back to Tennessee that Donna was
diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Lisa moved in
with her Mom to take care of her. “It was during
those months of taking care of my Mom, as I
watched her struggle for life, that I realized that
each day, each moment,and every breath is
precious. She inspired me to take my music
more seriously.”

Lisa’s debut CD “Brand New Sun” is the latest
testimony to her decision to engage her artistic
side. The project is dedicated to her mother.
“She was such an inspiration to appreciate
every moment, every person, and everything
in this beautiful life. That even in despair and
pain, there is beauty and love, which sustains
us all.”

Donna passed away the day before Lisa’s birthday
in 2004. “I wanted to have this CD completed by
the anniversary of her passing,which this year
was the day before Thanksgiving. Miraculously,
that happened - a miracle.

“Writing and recording this record has been such
an emotional journey, but I had the help of many
musically talented Angels and friends to help me
through. It’s been very therapeutic. Music allows
you to express emotions you can’t express in
any other way.”